During this experiment there are three possible things you could see on the screen:


a red image, a green image, or a mixed image (an image that is both red and green) like below

Your task is to tell us which of these three things you are seeing at any given time using the Bluetooth keypad. Please reach out and put your three fingers on the three keys circled below.

  • The middle finger on the up arrow

  • Ring finger on the right key 

  • And the index finger on the left arrow key 

Those three keys correspond to the three buttons you will need to press during this task.

You will press the left arrow key when you see a green image and you will hold it down as long as you are seeing that image 

You will press the right arrow key for as long as you are seeing a red image  

And you’ll press the up key for as long as you’re seeing a mixed image (an image that is a mixture of the two, an image that is both red and green)

During the experiment, you will see one of those three images at any given moment, 


Make sure to be pressing on at least one button at all times to continuously tell us what you are seeing!

  1. This experiment is short (it will take about ten minutes)

  2. Note that on every trial there will be a fixation cross in the middle of the image. It is important that you keep your eyes fixed on that cross, just look there throughout the trial

  3. When the trial ends there will be a break. This is a good time to blink and rest your eyes

  4. Finally remember that at any time there are three possible things you might see, green mixed or red. Keep using your fingers to tell us what you are seeing at all times 


RED= right arrow key (Right for Red!) 

GREEN= left arrow key 

MIXTURE= up arrow key

Before the experiment begins, the headset will ask you to complete
the two circles task to see where your two eyes overlap. 
For this task, please gaze softly past the circles.
Use the left and right arrow keys to move the circles together.  
Press enter when the two red lines become one red line 


Press enter if you see one circle to begin the experiment!

Need help setting up your headset?

Visit our Set Up page for instructions on how to  complete setting up your headset. For detailed instructions on device set up use the link below.


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