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The PerceiVR Project uses immersive virtual reality to investigate the autistic visual experience in naturalistic 360° environments. Our researchers have designed exciting new visual experiments to study how our brain experiences and sees the world around us.


Individuals and their families have the most important role in making research discoveries. Through the Oculus Go project, you can help us with our research right from your home! Sign up and we will send you an Oculus Go headset with instructions on how to download our studies. 




  • You get to help with scientific research through immersive virtual reality right from your home!

  • We will send you an Oculus Go headset to complete our experiments which will be yours to keep! 

  • As always, you will receive a gift card of your choice as compensation for helping with research studies. 

About Us

Our lab seeks to understand how we see, remember, and neurodiverge. The link between sensation and cognition is particularly relevant to understanding psychiatric conditions such as autism, where differences in sensory perception shed light on the neurobiology of the condition.


By studying how people see the world, we can learn about the structure of cognition and, in return, learn how different patterns of thought shape our experience of the world around us.

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