App Download and Device Set Up

Please follow the steps in this video or  follow along with the screenshots below. You'll need to make an Oculus account if you don't already have one.
Creating an Oculus App 
2. Create an Oculus account using a smartphone
Once the app is opened, you will see a log in screen prompting you to sign in. Create an account. 
3. Choose a 4-digit code
You will be prompted to select a 4-digit code to authorize purchases in VR
1. Download Oculus on your mobile device
Oculus is compatible with Apple and Android and is free to download at the Apple App Store and Google Play. 
4. Select the ‘Oculus Go’ headset 
Pairing the headset

10. Pair your headset

Pair the app to your headset by selecting the serial number corresponding to the headset. The serial number is located on the left side below the QR code

11. Connect Oculus Go to Wi-Fi
Select the Wi-Fi that your headset will use
12. Put the battery into the controller
The LED will light up for several seconds when the battery is put in. Make sure the light is lit before continuing. 
13. Select the hand you want to use with your controller

5. Select 'Start Now'


A screen will prompt you to ‘start now’ to begin pairing the app to the headset

6. Turn on your Oculus Go 

The app will prompt you to briefly hold the power button and plug the headset into the charger 

7. Plug in your Oculus Go
Use the charger and USB provided and plug in the headset
8. Select the hand you wish to use with your controller
9. Enable Bluetooth
Bluetooth access is needed to discover and set up nearby headsets
14. Select Language to use in VR
15. Adding payment info can be skipped 
16. Read through Useful Information 
Health & Safety Information
17. Watch the Health and Safety Video 
Oculus Rift Health & Safety Video 
18. Acknowledge you understand the health and safety information
Need help setting up your headset?

Visit our Set Up page for instructions on how to  complete setting up your headset. For detailed instructions on device set up use the link below.


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